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Habenaria radiata

Also known as egret orchids, we started growing these a couple of years ago when we introduced them into our catalogue, the unassuming tiny bulbs produce the most delicate beautiful little flowers that resemble egrets in flight.
The bulbs we have in stock are fresh, so no need to worry about giving these a try, they are also starting to show growth.


Habenaria radiata, (egret orchids) Perennial. Hardy down to -5C.       This plant really speaks for itself, absolutely beautiful.    Exotic, white fragrant flowers resembling that of Egrets in flight on top of slender stems reaching 12 inches in height.    Its natural habitat is in the grassy wetlands of Japan, so it is a moisture loving plant but does require good drainage,  The tubers are naturally quite small, peanut size.    Perfect for a cool house but is also quite happy indoors or in the conservatory.     A very exciting, exquisite plant to grow.Top Size bulbs. Grade 1


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