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Amarcrinum Howardii

Amarcrinum Howardii is a beautiful plant that will flower during late summer through to the autumn. The first years growth will probably only produce one to two flower stems but once established given time to settle in, will produce an abundance of stems one after the other prolonging the length of the flowering time. Each stem produces many large lily shaped fragrant blooms. The plant is also evergreen in most areas. Flowering Height 80-100 cm.

Large, Top Size, Excellent Quality Bulbs Supplied, Size 24 up.
Hand Packed in strong paper bags, no plastic packaging used.


Amarcrinum Howardii, Hardy perennial. For best results, Place in a warm sunny position where the soil stays reasonably dry during the winter. Well-drained soil is essential and a cover of light mulch on top of the ground will be helpful. Amarcrinum has much to offer, being not only frost-hardy, it flowers in autumn and is also evergreen in most areas. It has interesting, palm-like foliage, and produces 2-3 stems, each bearing more than a dozen large funnel shaped fragrant flowers. These plants may not flower in the first year due to disliking disturbance. Native Habit: Hybrid genus (Amaryllis x Crinum).
Bulb Size 24+ (top size)


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